Christoph Schultz
Director & Photographer
I share what inspires me so that you might be inspired to go out into the world and do whatever it is that inspires you.

My belief is that when people are inspired, they are also fulfilled. And when people are fulfilled, they exude love. And when people exude love, they are the best example of what it means to be human. When we lead by example, the immediate world around us becomes a wonderful place to be.

How does this relate to what I do? As a writer, director and photographer, I believe my audience is most inspired by emotions, like mystery or suspense.
The stories I love to tell are told through classic technique, similar to those originally crafted by the masters of Hollywood's illustrious past.

Movies from the 1930s, 40s and 50s inspired me from an early age. If my life's work can influence even a single individual from the next generation of storytellers to speak from the center of their heart with a clear voice, I will be completely satisfied.

As a world traveller and adventure seeker, I am constantly on the go, looking for the next angle from which to broadcast my vision.

My work has varied over the years, starting in Texas, followed by a brief summer in Cancun, north to Denver for a few years before relocating down south to Hollywood for five years, then over to New York City where I have lived in northern Manhattan since February of 2011.

The past featured a smattering of commercial work with world famous fashion houses and celebrities as I assisted high profile photographers for editorial and advertising. Now, you see, I am focused on my own work as a fine artist.

I am open to fresh ideas, new sources of inspiration, and of course, commentary. Aside from storytelling through the visual means of photography, I can shoot in a variety of styles and happily entertain all interests of collaboration and private commissions.
Christoph Schultz
New York, N.Y.
+1 917 370 0431
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